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Simply Tomas


Simply Tomas is a Kenyan musician with a style leaning towards soft/alternative rock. He is greatly influenced by rock, reggae, Hip-hop, R&B & African music and elements of all those genres are evident in his music. He plays the guitar and has performed with many bands in Kenya. He started a solo career in December 2010 to experiment on new ideas and a new sound. He is backed up by an extremely talented rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist, keyboardist and an amazing drummer. He’s predominantly an indie soft Rock artiste with a sound that fuses African beats and the standard rock progression. He incorporates Swahili in his songs, a factor that differentiates his music from his British/American/Indie influence. He is a great admirer of Coldplay, U2, The eagles, Oasis, Keane, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, jimi Hendrix, R.E.M, John Mayer, among others.


Growing up as a child Tomas used to listen to his father’s tape/cassette collection comprising of The Beatles, Bob Marley, The Wailers, Abba, Gap Band just to name a few. His first go at an instrument was in his high school days when he fumbled on the keys of the school’s dusty old grand piano. It was always locked up in the Music Room and the only people who had access were music students, rather, senior music students. He only touched it once in his four year high school life – while on duty cleaning the music room.


It would be until he joined University that he would learn how to play an instrument, a keyboard (Yamaha PSR 275) bought for his brother who was a music student. His motivation at the time was to learn so that he could play rock songs that he liked, whenever he wanted to hear them. There was only one FM station at the time and it played rock music at a few select times. A keyboard was not easily portable and needed electricity which wasn’t reliable at all. That meant one thing – learn the guitar!

His campus had a study Centre that had guitars for any interested parties. He would frequent the place daily to practice and nudge random people to show him a thing or two. That is how he met a key member of his future band. The internet also played a big role in giving him tips on music theory and guitar tutorials. To his surprise he could play “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by “deep blue something” in a week. That was the beginning of a nice journey that developed into a career in music.


Simply Tomas recorded his first song “Tafadhali” at Eric Musyoka’s Decimal Studios in 2008 as a demo. The song was released as-is (incomplete) but was very well received and has been on the CapitalFM and XFM airwaves ever since.

He followed it up with a video and it also received rave reviews, with ardent fans covering the song on Youtube a couple of times. The video is mostly played by Rock DJs like DJGordo in clubs and during his shows on KissTV.

Tomas later got a recording deal with Herbal Records in 2014. He went on to release the song “Mpenzi” that gradually rose to Number 1 in both the #XFMNewReleased and the #XFMWeeklyTop30 charts. It is also widely played on Nation and CapitalFM.

“Mpenzi” video was released almost simultaneously and got rave reviews as well is played on various TV stations.

His next single was Mental Power that rose to Number 1 on the #XFMNewReleased chart and peaked at Number 2 on the #XFMWeeklyTop30 charts. He is currently working on the video and a couple of new songs set for release in 2016.


Simply Tomas’s band was the in-house rock band at Brew Bistro & Lounge – Ngong Road for 4 years from 2010 to End of 2013. He also played with his band at the Oktoberfest 2010 – 2013 and Rocktoberfest (Carnivore) a couple of times.

He currently plays in private & corporate parties/events but is planning regular nights due to popular demand.

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