My Inspiration

Where do i get my inspiration?

I get inspired by a lot. Mostly by aspects of day to day life – humanity, spirituality, existence, purpose and survival. Life is beautiful but can get hard at times. Most often than not, these hard times are the moments that trigger critical thinking and spur ideas. These ideas are then transferred onto a physical medium, mostly paper or a voice recorder then arranged into music.

There seems to be a great resemblance between a musician and a writer, isn’t it?

Well, A composer/songwriter is just a writer who puts his/her material in song. The song Tafadhali, for instance is a story of betrayal and the material nature of human beings. It is also a story of perseverance and dedication and eventually, success.

Mpenzi is a simple story of the chase. If you want the lady, you’ve got to give chase. In popular culture they say “Mwanaume ni Effort”, translated loosely to mean “A man is his effort”

Do you ever get inspired to write?

Go ahead, put pen to paper and write it all down. It might not seem like a song at first glance but sooner or later more ideas will grow from that initial idea and who knows… It might just be a song one day!

Stay inspired!

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