Tafadhali Lyrics

Verse 1:

I’m moving on far away (far away, far away)
Looking for a place to stay (a place to stay, a place to stay)
Coz you left me in the cold (In the cold, in the cold)
And I had nowhere to go (where to go, where to go)
I had done nothing wrong (nothing wrong, nothing wrong)
I was just misunderstood


And I see you coming back to me
Singing out that tafadhali
Hear me out na nipe nafasi
Ya kujitetea

Verse 2:

So predictable you are (so you are, so you are)
Now that things are good you’re back (good you’re back, good you’re back)
I didn’t believe I’d ever see you
So predictable I am (so I am, so I am)
I’m just a sucker for your love (for your love, for your love)
There are some things that don’t make sense.

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